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How to Get into Tech in just 6 Months

By Mary Awodele
December 21, 2021

Getting into Tech does not have to be so damn hard... & I swear, it's actually not even if it seems like it.

How do you get yourself into Tech in just 6 months?

Find out below with these 4 steps.

1. Identify your personality trait.

(Are you introverted, extroverted, or an ambivert?)

Identifying your personality type will allow you to eliminate positions that might make you literally hate your job... again... but just in a different career and we can't have that. It is very possible to find a corporate role that you can actually look forward to attending on a regular basis despite it being "work".

An example is that if you are introverted then there's a high likely chance that you might actually hate a position within Tech that involves you heavily interacting with clients on a regular basis and will be a better fit in a position that involves little to no external people interaction.

2. Analyzing your Current state and picking a Tech industry.

What this means is fully taking a look at yourself in the mirror and extracting information from your own self.

Remember, Tech is in every industry... if not the biggest industry within itself.

The Healthcare, Finance, Transporation, Law, Agriculture, Arts, Music, Government, and every industry out there needs Tech people.

You will find your space because you Belong & you are needed in every space

3. Identifying your Learning style and finding the supported trainings required.

After you have been able to figure out what it is that you would like to do within Tech, now you have to ask yourself if you want to self-learn and teach yourself or... if you would be better fit in a structured program.

Most people aren't self-learners and that's okay, if we were all self-learners then most universities and schools would not exist. Don't let anyone guilt you into thinking you shouldn't invest in yourself or seek help. Training programs standalone or university based exist for a reason. However, if you are a self-learner, there are lots of Tech based websites that exist for the purpose of learning on your own. A few of my favorites listed below:

  1. Udemy
  2. Courseara
  3. Youtube
  4. aCloudguru
  5. Pluralsight
  6. Udacity

If you desire more structured programs like a Bootcamp or university

  1. (us of course)
  2. Flatiron School
  3. Maven Analytics
  4. General Assembly

4. Obtain valuable certifications

Certifications do not get you jobs however they serve as great support to your resume as well as validate your skill sets that you have obtained hands-on. Make sure you are obtaining certifications that support your personal Tech journey.

5. Get your resume and Linkedin reconstructed.

Your resume is your baby as it is what gets you in the door for interviews. Make sure that whoever reconstruct your resume is experienced in reconstructing resume specific to the tech role you are trying to obtain. All resume writers cannot write a technical resume.

6. Apply to jobs or let jobs apply to you.

When you're in demand, you don't have to apply to jobs. They apply to you. I truly don't remember the last time I ever had to apply to a job. They flock to me daily and I am manifesting that for all you that are reading this.

Sincerely Mary,